Ministry Teams

The Church will, from time to time, have various programs through which the Church shall conduct mission activities, provide for the ministry to the congregation, and perform activities beneficial to the Church’s mission. Church Ministry Teams may be organized for any purpose which furthers the missions, ministries and activities of the Church including, but not limited to, Media Center Service, Church Display Service, Arms Around Arkadelphia, ministry to the home-bound, and outreach.

Ministry Teams develop from a group of Church members who see a need and organize for that purpose. The members of such Ministry Teams are not normally nominated by the Nominating Committee but will consist of persons who sense a call to the service provided. Ministry Teams will periodically report to the Church concerning their activities and any support needed from the Church.

Arms Around Arkadelphia Team: David McAllister

Bereavement: Vera Downs

Disaster Relief Ministry Team: Harold and Johnson - First Baptist volunteers participate in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief through the Red River Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team. The team mission is to serve good tasting nutritious meals to the victims of disasters working in cooperation with our partners, The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. We provide the equipment and manpower and they provide the food and pay our operational costs. We are under operational control of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. We have the equipment to prepare 10,000 meals per day. Our assignments have included forest fires in Colorado, a tornado in Oklahoma City, the terrorist attack in New York City, Hurricane responses in Florida, Alabama, Texas, and several in Louisiana. Our in state responses have mostly been tornado and ice responses. Assignments are usually for one week, and we normally stay in a Baptist Church. Volunteers are required to complete six hours of training. For information contact Harold Johnson at 246-5151 or, or Red River Association at 246-9524 or

Family Ministry Team: Jimmy Darby

Gideons Ministry Team: Charles Phillips – The Gideons are business are professional men who believe: Jesus is the son of God, Jesus is their personal savior, the Bible is inspired, infallible, and inerrant world of God. Gideons are members of evengelical or protestant churches, endeavor to follow Jesus, and are recomended by their pastor. Gideons singular focus is to win men, women, boys, and girls to our lord and savior. Gideons have 3000camps in the United States and 7000 overseas. Seventy percent of all the ceventy million Bibles distibuted by the U.S. Gideons go to worldwide camps.

Homebound Care Team: Peggy Dorris

Landscape Ministry Team: Snookie Dixon -  works for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the outside properties of First Baptist Church.  We believe that the work accomplished is another  another way to worship God and draw people to Him.  Anyone who enjoys working outside with  plants, their maintenance and developing landscape plans is MOST WELCOME to join the team.  Contact people are:  Snookie Dixon (246-7271 or and Ray Jodon (246-8975 or

Media Center Ministry Team: Betty Stagg - The Media Center of First Baptist Church is an integral part of the life of our church in that it serves as an arm reaching out to every organization of the church .  Primary consideration is given to acquiring materials relating to all phases of the church curriculum, the ministries of the church, the training of church members and leaders, and the Christian growth of  all individuals.  Our goal is to have Christian materials that provide inspiration, information, and fun-loving books that will create a love of reading and unimaginable blessings.  Christian recreational books and DVD’s are provided for every age group from the toddlers through the senior citizens on almost every subject.

Nursing Home Ministry Teams:

Twin Rivers Ministry Team – Vera Downs

Courtyard Gardens Ministry Team – Scott Westberg

Office Volunteers Ministry Team: Ardith Franklin

Prayer Ministry Team: Lisa Hill

Prison Ministry Teams:

Kairos Ministry Team – Jim Hankins – Kairos Torch is a ministry of Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc., to incarcerated young offenders age 25 and under.  Kairos Torch is a mentoring ministry where the young offender is matched with an adult mentor.  The mentoring process begins with an introductory weekend where the participants are shown unconditional love and acceptance, and are encouraged to remove the mask they wear so the real person can shine forth.  The mentoring process is for one year or as along as the young person is incarcerated.  First Baptist Church members participate in this ministry at the Arkansas Juvenile Assesment and Treatment Center in Alexander, Arkansas.
Kairos Torch Ministry Team – Beverly Hankins – Kairos Torch offers unconditional love and acceptance, encouraging young men and women to share their life journey through participation in a long term mentoring process.  The program begins with a weekend retreat inside the prison. Torch team members commit to a weekly mentoring process with the youthful offenders for six months after the weekend.
Angel Tree Ministry Team – Sue Poole

Retired Volunteer Workers Team: Will Thompson – A team composed of retired men and women who want to maintain and make improvements to our church facilities and grounds.  Meets bimonthly.

Security Ministry Team: Harold Johnson

Small Group Ministry Team: Ian and Sharon Cosh

Usher Ministry Team: Don Dawley – Ushers greet guests/ members, pass out bulletins,  provide directions to nursery and church facilities,   escort guests to seating,  and take up collection at end of service (Sunday morning).   We also pass out visitors cards, and play a role in the church security plan on Sunday morning.

Welcome Ministry Team: Ardith Franklin

Women’s Ministry Team: Ardith Franklin – The First Baptist Women’s Ministry exists to help women grow to love God before all else and love others as themselves through Bible studies, prayer groups, missions groups, and events. For more information, please contact Ardith Franklin at 870-246-5587 or

Worship Planning Ministry Team: Will Thompson – Provides input, ideas, and evaluation to the worship minister in planning music and other creative elements for worship services.  Contact:  Will Thompson at (870) 246-5587 or